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Areas of Use

These Halogen Free Flame Retardant cables (armored) are used for office equipment, electronic control systems, air condition systems, power stations, engineering projects for control, vision, and measurement purposes. These can be used in wet or dry indoor applications. Because of the HFFR material, These don't burn easily, and when These do the flames go off by themselves. These have low smoke density and don't emit poisonous and corrosive gases during the fire. They are used in buildings where there are important goods or human populations. Armor; protect against mechanical traverse loads and act as a magnetic screen against interference.

Cable Construction

  • Conductor Stranded Annealed Copper (IEC/EN 60228, Class 5)
  • Insulation HFFR (EN 50290-2-26)
  • Core Colors Black (white numbered) Green-Yellow earth core in the outer layer (3 cores and above)
  • Lay-up Cores are stranded in layers
  • Inner Sheath HFFR (EN 50290-2-27)
  • Armour Galvanised Steel Wire Braid
  • Outer Sheath HFFR (EN 50290-2-27), RAL 7001 - Grey
  • Reference Standards With reference to VDE 0245

Technical Properties

  • Operating Voltage 0.50 mm²..1.50 mm² 300 V / 500 V; 2.50 mm²…... 450 V / 750 V
  • Test Voltage 2500 V
  • Conductor Resistance 0.14 mm²- ≤138 Ω/km; 0.22 mm²- ≤85 Ω/km; 0.25 mm²- ≤77.8 Ω/km; 0.34 mm²- ≤56 Ω/km; 0.50 mm²- ≤39 Ω/km; 0.75 mm²- ≤26Ω/km; 1.00 mm²- ≤19.5 Ω/km; 1.50 mm²- ≤13.3 Ω/km; 2.50 mm²- ≤7.98 Ω/km
  • Insulation Resistance >200 M.Ωxkm
  • Temperature Range Fixed: -30 °C ........+70 °C, Flexible: -5 °C ........+70 °C
  • Flame Retardancy IEC/EN 60332-1
  • Min. Bending Radius Fixed: 10 x Cable Diameter, Flexible: 15 x Cable Diameter


Depending on the customer's request, the coverage rate and voltage can be adjusted.