Our Policy

Our Policy

Quality Policy

2M KABLO committed to provide superior product quality and efficient service to the its customers.

We understand requirements and expectations of our domestic and foreign customers properly with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and concentrate on fulfillment of them. Our primary principles to achieve this objective are:

  • Approach all processes on customer-oriented basis.
  • Continuously improve the Quality Management System from the creation of the customer request to the delivery of the product.
  • Give priority to fulfillment of the customer expectations in our business.
  • Improve capability of our employees constantly through training programs
  • Ensure effective participation of our employees while conducting our business
  •  Interfere to the problems in a timely and systematic manner
  • Ensure efficient use of energy, raw material and natural resources

We shall act with all our employees in accordance with these principles. 

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

 As 2M KABLO, our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is; 

  • Provide a work environment where the potentially hazardous situations to which our employees may be exposed are defined, assessed, controlled and communicated to all employees, 
  • To select materials suitable for occupational health and safety in the selection of equipment, raw materials and tools, 
  • To provide necessary training support within the scope of our staff’s  responsibilities, 
  • Periodically review the hazards and risks of the occupational health and 
  • safety that our staff may be exposed to, 
  • Establish and maintain appropriate emergency procedures (earthquake, fire, flood) and reduce emergency risks, 
  • To carry out our activities in line with the aim of zero work accidents by keeping occupational health and safety at the highest level, 
  • To create occupational health and safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001 standard depending on laws and regulations related health and safety at work and strengthening by supporting with continuous improvement. 

Environmental Policy

As 2M KABLO; to take necessary measures to reduce the negative effects on the environment during our production and continuously improve for a future that sustainable and open to improvement; 

  • Transfer of a clean and healthy environment to future generation, 
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources, 
  • Reduction of adverse environmental impacts in all processes of production, 
  • Prevention of pollution at source, 
  • Taking measures to reduce resources such as electricity, fuel and water consumption and ensuring sustainable development by setting aims each year, 
  • Taking measures to reduce solid, liquid and gas wastes during our activities, trying to reuse or recycling, 
  • Increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and the community, 

We are working with our full power to become a model company in the low voltage cable industry as an environmental pioneer by managing our activities in the integrated way with Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Energy Policy

2M Cable Energy Policy,in accordance with the structure and scale of energy use and consumption;with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard for our Energy Management System,

  • Continuous improvement of on energy performance
  • Obeying the rules with legal and other requirements for energy use of consumption and efficiency
  • To supply energy efficient products and services and support design activities to improve energy performance.
  • Periodically review the targets and objectives defined annually, Provide all necessary information and supply to reach the aims of the values
  • Ensuring contribution to improve energy performance by providing priority and support for energy efficient services and products,
  • Investigate, implement and reduce the availability of greenhouse gas and emissions
  • Reducing the use of packages and provide packages which can be recycled and re-usable
  • We will act to ensure that our energy policy is being understood and adopted by our parties, as well as to raise awareness

We all commit  supporting our activities in accordance with these principles with all of our employees.

Information Security Policy

2M Kablo Industry and Trade Co. is committed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of all it’s own physical and electronic information.

2M Kablo Industry and Trade Co. will recruit well educated, competent personnel who are open to change to ensure safety requirements. In addition, in order to provide the infrastructure to ensure the security of information and the continuity of the financing, adequate equipment will be available.

Our information security system activities include emergency plans, data backup procedures, virus and hacker protection, access control systems, and information security breach notification.

As a result of risk assessments, we will determine our objectives and provide the necessary resources and conditions for to achieve these objectives. Deficits and threats which identified in the system will be eliminated and all of our employees' information will be protected in accordance with our information security policy.

In order to fulfill our Information Security policy, it will be ensured that our employees make the conditions of Information Security Management System the way they work. All personnel and certain third parties will be provided to get appropriate training of the Information Security Management System.

The applicable conditions, opportunities and requirements of information security shall be fulfilled. These conditions will be continuously improved. Our personnel (including the personnel of our suppliers) and all interested parties will be adapted to this system.