2M Kablo Is Listed Among the Largest CompanIes of Turkey


Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) released the results for its second survey for 2016, 500 Largest Industrial Establishments of Turkey. 2M Kablo, a leader in the production of low voltage cables, is listed in the 2nd survey for the 500 Largest Industrial Establishments.

Having been listed in the 2nd survey for the 500 Largest Industrial Establishments released by Istanbul Chamber of Industry, 2M Kablo is now officially one of the largest industrial companies operating in Turkey.

“We are happy to be listed by ISO among the top 500 companies ,” said Mehmet Dereli, Chairman of 2M Kablo. “As a locally funded cable manufacturer operating in the Turkish cable sector, it is an honor to be listed among the largest companies of Turkey and adding value to the national economy. Thanks to our performance in 2016, we were able to increase our sales significantly. Although it was a challenging year for the whole nation, this improvement in our growth is a confirmation of the fact that we are moving towards our goals with steady steps. I would like to thank our hardworking employees for our succession in the list,” he added.

“Operating in the low voltage cable sector for 25 years, 2M Kablo have completed a number of projects with added value as a result of its investments into innovation and quality and continues to take part in such projects. The success we achieved is not a coincidence as we have been investing in R&D, quality, production and innovation, not to mention the new technologies. We are furthering our efforts to make our growth permanent. As the first locally funded cable manufacturer operating in Turkish cable sector, the license we have acquired for our R&D Center as of June 7th, 2017, will help us raise the bar. We will be tending to our willingness to manufacture products with added value and latest technology as a result of our investment into our R&D Center.

We are currently operating with a manufacturing plant with an open area of 19,500 m2 and a closed area of 12,500m2 and 5 labs of a total area of 400m2. We have manufactured approximately 8,000 different cables up to this point. The portion of export sales in our total income was 48% for 2016. We are exporting 50% of our products to 74 countries and we are contributing to the foreign trade of our country meeting the needs of countries such as the USA and South Korea, Switzerland and South African Republic. Thanks to our exporting power we have the chance to increase our competitive power. We will be furthering our efforts in the sector and to attract the attention in our sector with our hardworking and willing employees.

2M Kablo was established in 1993 in Istanbul. With its more than 200 employees and innovative products aimed at export, it is a leader in its sector. The company furthers its R&D efforts in several fields such as petrochemical plants, power plants, industrial plants, automation, fire and safety, railway transportation, smart and semi-smart buildings, sound and visualization systems, ship and yacht applications and many others. As a company exporting to more than 70 countries, offering solutions to the needs of the sector with a customer-oriented approach, 2M Kablo continues to provide superior services to its customers with considerable investment into R&D.