Mica Tape For Cables


Mica is a natural mineral which can be separated to thin and transparent sections. It is a very hard and durable material in terms of structure. Also, with a special production, mica can be as thin as a paper and can be used in several industries. This mineral is resistant to high temperatures. Due to its unique specialties, mica have been indispensable for industrial applications.

Depending on its type or production method, mica can resist to high temperatures up to 750°C - 1100°C. This thermal resistance provides mica to save its integrity without burning. Because of this, mica can be used in all areas which are exposed to high temperatures.

Mica especially used in high temperature glass products and the for the components of the devices which are exposed to high temperatures. As example, for automobile glasses mica is used as layers to prevent from dispersing in case of breaking. Or another example, it is used because of high temperature resistance at door of stoves as mica glasses.

Mica can be cut into thin slices, and it is also used at cable industry due to electrical insulation and thermal resistance specialties. Because of fire resistance, mica tapes covered to conductors. Mica provides to cables electrical continuity without short cut in case of fire and extends the working time under fire.

Mica tape is covered to mono or twisted copper conductors as single or double coats with different overlapping coefficients before insulation operation. The reason for different overlapping coefficients is to provide thermal resistance for different type of cables in different test and fire conditions. The products are being designed considering different fire tests and the mica operation parameters defined accordingly.

When mica is covered to conductor;

  • Perfect insulation resistance at high temperature
  • High tensile strength and high crush and impact resistance
  • High resistivity against radiation, acid and alkali materials
  • No toxic material under high pressure
  • Perfect flexibility provided.


Written By: Semih Öz

2M KABLO R&D Specialist