PVC Insulated, Unshielded Triples


Product Certificates

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Areas of Use

The 300 V Instrumentation Cables are dual listed as Type PLTC per UL 13 and Type ITC per UL 2250. These cables can be preferred in Instrument & Control Wiring, communication, ventilation, lighting, and voice announce systems of emergency exit ways, equipment, and devices. Shielded types protect the signal from electromagnetic interference and provide continuity in signal quality.  

Cable Construction

  • Conductor Stranded Annealed Copper (ASTM B3, Class B stranding per ASTM B‐8)
  • Size AWG 12 ….. AWG 22
  • Insulation Heat Resistant PVC (UL 1581 Class 105°C, EN 50363‐3 TI3)
  • Core Colors Black, white, continuously numbered or white core (1,2,3) for multicore
  • Lay-up Cores / pairs are stranded in layers
  • Separator PET Foil (optional)
  • Outer Sheath Heat Resistant and Sunlight Resistant PVC (UL 1581 Class 105°C), Black, Blue (other colors upon request)
  • Reference Standards UL 13 ‐ UL 2250

Technical Properties

  • Operating Voltage 300 V
  • Test Voltage Core ‐ Core: 1500 V; Core ‐ Screen: 1500 V
  • Conductor Resistance According to UL 13 ‐ UL 2250
  • Insulation Resistance 100.1 Mꭥ/kft at 15.6°C
  • Temperature Range Operating: ‐40°C ......+105°C, Installation: ‐5°C ......+50°C
  • Flame Retardancy UL 1685 (vertical tray), UL 13 (VW‐1), IEC/EN 60332‐1, IEC 60332‐3‐24 (CAT C)
  • Oil Resistance ASTM No 2 oil 70°C 4 (ICEA S‐73‐532)
  • Sunlight Resistance UL 1581 Section 1200
  • Min. Bending Radius (Fixed) 7.5 x Cable Diameter