600 V Unshielded


Product Certificates

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Areas of Use

UL-approved, flexible cables for use up to 600 V cables are installed in cable trays, ducts, and conduit and can be used in direct burial applications. They are used in manufacturing facilities, for all machines, tools and installation work, industries such as petrochemical. Suitable for use in dry, damp and wet areas, outside, in cable ducts, open cable trays.

Cable Construction

  • Conductor Stranded Annealed Copper (ASTM B3, Class B stranding per ASTM B‐8)
  • Size AWG 16 ….. 250 Kcmil
  • Insulation Heat Resistant PVC (UL 1581 Class 90°C, EN 50363‐3 TI3) with Clear Polyamide (Nylon) for THHN or THWN Heat Resistant PVC (UL 1581 Class 90°C, EN 50363‐3 TI3) for TF or TFF
  • Core Colors Black numbered with green/yellow core
  • Insulated Conductors 16 AWG & 18 AWG -Types TF and TFF, 14 AWG & Larger -THHN or THWN
  • Lay-up Cores are stranded in layers
  • Separator PET Foil (at least 1 layer)
  • Outer Sheath Heat Resistant and Sunlight Resistant PVC (UL 1581 Class 90°C)
  • Reference Standards UL 1277

Technical Properties

  • Operating Voltage 600 V
  • Conductor Resistance According to UL 83
  • Temperature Range TF and TFF-75°C, THHN or THWN 90°C dry
  • Flame Retardancy UL 1685 (vertical tray), UL 13 (VW‐1), IEC/EN 60332‐1, IEC 60332‐3‐24 (CAT C)
  • Oil Resistance ASTM No 2 oil 70°C 4 (ICEA S‐73‐532)
  • Min. Bending Radius (Fixed) 7.5 x Cable Diameter