Instrumentation Cables

HFFR material is produced by the HFFR material in the event of fire at the time of fire is ignited and largely self More>>

Control Cables

300/500 V operating voltage, 0.14 mm2 0 to 2.50 mm2 cross sections of sections ranging from PVC, HFFR or More>>

Power Cables

Cables which have operating voltage from 300 Volts up to 1kV, either with one core or multi-core are used in fixed More>>

Marine & Shipboard Cables

They are used as fixed installation of telecommunication or instrumentation cables on shipboard panels or electronic More>>

Indoor Telephone and Fire Alarm cables

They are produced according to TS IEC 60189-2 standards and they are... More>>

Data Transmission Cables

They are used for data telecommunication in Industrial automation systems, networking and electronic control systems. More>>

BUS Cables

PROFIBUS L2 cables are used for data transmission at high speeds such as 12 Mbit / s (max. 100 m). Because all More>>

Coaxial Cables

With 50 Ohm, 75 Ohm impedance, they are used as distribution cable where low attenuation is required for indoor CATV More>>

Fire Resistant Cables

With an operating voltage of 300/500 V,  these cables are used in buildings that have high density of human More >>

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